Our Leicester workshop

On Friday 13th September the second FeedSax workshop was held in Leicester. Following the success of the first workshop that took place in Oxford, the theme of this year’s offering was ‘early results’. As well as the FeedSax team, a panel of specialists was invited to give their thoughts and suggestions on the results so far. We are indebted to those experts in the fields of palynology, archaeobotany, medieval history, archaeology and zooarchaeology who provided feedback crucial to the future robustness of the project outcomes.

We were also lucky enough to be joined by researchers from two external projects, Matthew Teasdale from the Beasts 2 Craft project and Claus Kropp from the Lauresham Open Air Laboratory for Experimental Archaeology. They presented some of their work, which further provided numerous avenues for collaboration between their respective projects and FeedSax.

Overall it was an extremely enjoyable day, which was invaluable in producing constructive feedback on the primary results and forging contacts with others from diverse backgrounds.

Dr Matilda Holmes

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