FeedSax goes to Sheffield

At the end of November three members of the FeedSax team attended the 40th AEA (Association for Environmental Archaeology) autumn conference at the University of Sheffield. Mark McKerracher and Elizabeth Stroud presented posters (‘Data harvesting: towards the digital automation of charred grain analysis’ and ‘Crop rotation during the Early Medieval period: the problems of charring temperature in isotopic analysis’) and Emily Forster gave an oral presentation (‘The changing landscape of Anglo-Saxon and later medieval England’) incorporating slides provided by the rest of the team.

Emily Forster presents the project to delegates
Mark McKerracher demonstrates the database
Elizabeth Stroud discusses charring temperatures

This was the biggest AEA conference so far with a wide range of interesting talks and posters, as well as being a great opportunity to catch up with old friends!  We had some useful discussions with other researchers and enjoyed finding out about other people’s projects, ranging from large scale studies of geomorphology and sedimentation in the Indus Valley to DNA analysis of dog coprolites from a single phase at a prehistoric Lillooet winter camp (Canada). Emily was on the organising committee for the conference and made a brief foray into Bronze Age archaeology to lead an excursion to Gardom’s Edge, tracking down the slightly elusive resin replica rock art…

Dr Emily Forster

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